What you should know before you go to the hospital

Some Tips  before you go to the hospital

Are you ready for your stay at the hospital? It isn’t just about packing your bag and bringing some comfort items with you from home, there are many other things that will happen at your hospital stay that you should be prepared for.

For instance, there are some questions that you should have answered before you ever go into labor:
• Do you want any medication during labor?
• Do you know how you want your labor to progress?
• Are you open to a c-section and what are the circumstances where you would allow a c-section?
• Do you want a private room?
• Will your child’s father be staying in the room with you? (if so, he should pack a bag to and keep it with your hospital bag)
• Have you thought about a water birth?
• Do you want a birthing mirror?

Tips before going to hospitalThese are all things that you want to think about before you go into labor. Many times, a hospital staff is accustomed to only asking you questions as your labor is progressing. But once your labor starts, the excitement and discomfort might cause you to forget about what it is you really want. And when it comes to your child’s birth, it is literally a once in a lifetime experience.

In addition to the things you need to know for yourself, you should also think about what it is you want for your child
• Do you want the father to cut the umbilical cord?
• If you have a son, should he be circumcised? (the hospital staff will ask you about this after birth, but this is a very sensitive issue for most parents and it should be well researched before your little boy gets here)
• Should your baby stay in the room with you?
• Who do you want to give your hospital pictures to? (this will help when you are picking out your package before baby’s first picture is taken)
• Are there any standard newborn tests that you do not want your child to have?
• Are there any standard newborn medications that you don’t want your baby to have (for instance newborn eye ointment is not mandatory and some claim they can sting the eyes)

Having a baby is an exciting and stressful time. Be sure that you weigh all of your options before going to the hospital. This way you won’t have any surprises later.

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