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What do you pack in your hospital bag

Preparing your hospital bag

What do you pack in your hospital bag? This is a question that most women start to ask themselves almost as soon as they realize they are pregnant. As an expectant mother, you know that giving birth brings out a wide range of emotions. You are excited to see your baby, you are nervous about the labor process, and you are stressed about making sure that the house is ready to bring your new baby home. Asking the question of what do you pack in your hospital bag is the last thing you need. Unlike some of the other things that come with pregnancy, packing your hospital bag is a stress that you can easily avoid.
First, you should remember that you aren’t just asking what do you pack in your hospital bag for you, you also need to ask yourself what should be in your bag for your baby. If the baby’s father is staying at the hospital, it is also a good idea to start asking him to think about what he should pack in his hospital bag. After all, the last thing a new father wants is to be forced to leave his newborn baby at the hospital to run home because he forgot something.

Pack for hospitalWhen you are asking yourself what do you pack in your hospital bag as the mother, then you need to remember that you will be going through labor and a night or two in the hospital after labor. So for the labor process, you will want things that will soothe your pain and help you to relax. But if you are feeling better the day after you deliver, you might be looking for something to keep you occupied while you are stuck in the hospital. Bringing a book, a CD, or anything else that you enjoy will really help you to pass the time at the hospital.

When asking yourself what do you pack in your hospital bag, you should also remember that you will need toiletries for yourself while you are at the hospital. Most hospitals have basic toiletries if you need them, but sometimes it is comforting to have your things from home with you. So you might want to bring travel sizes of your favorite lotion, shampoo, and toothpaste. Your baby will also be well taken care of at the hospital, but if there is a lotion, clothing, blanket, cap or special diapers that you want for your baby you will want to bring those with you.

Lastly, when asking yourself what do you pack in your hospital bag, you should remember that there will be many people wanting to take pictures and video of you and your new little one. You might want to bring your hairbrush, a nice nightgown, and some makeup from home. Also, you will want to remember to bring your own camera and video camera to capture those special bonding moments.

So what do you pack in your hospital bag? The real answer is that it is up to you. These things are just the basics to give you something to think about. You may find things that you want to bring with you that are not on this list. Remember, the main thing you should remember when packing your bag is that you and your baby need to be as comfortable as possible.

Having a baby hospital bag

 A baby hospital bag

You know that you need to pack all of your bags well before you go to the hospital, but have you considered having a baby hospital bag as well? Sure, the hospital will have all of the basics that your little one will need, but do you really want your baby to look like every other child in the nursery? Think about all of the adorable clothes that you have been accumulating over the past few months, what better time to use them than for your all of those hospital baby pictures you will be taking?

Hospital bagBut of course, a lot more goes into having a baby hospital bag then just cute clothes. You can also bring along some of your favorite baby toiletries from home. This is particularly important if you have a specific type of baby products that you want used on your baby’s skin.. For instance, if you want all natural, organic, or vegan baby products used on your baby’s sensitive skin then it is best that you pack it yourself and bring it to the hospital.
Having a baby hospital bag is also a great way for older siblings to start bonding with the baby sooner. Packing a baby bag can be a fun experience for an older brother or sister, especially if they feel like they have a say in what gets packed for the baby. If your older child has picked out a special toy for your newborn , then allowing them to pack it in the baby hospital bag will help them to feel like becoming an older sibling is a good thing. When it comes to older siblings, the sooner you can help then to start adjusting to the idea of a new baby in the house the better.

Lastly, having a baby hospital bag is a great if you have a long trip home from the hospital. If you live only a few miles away from your birthing center, then a diaper bag is not that big of a deal. But some people drive an hour or more so that they can have their birthing experience in the hospital of their choice. When that happens, having a baby hospital bag is a great place to store diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and an extra burp cloth for your baby in case they need anything on the long trip home.

Having a baby hospital bag is not a necessity when you give birth. For some parents, they feel that the less they have to keep track of at the hospital the easier their hospital stay will be, and that is okay. But if you have specific things that you want your child to have before they get back to your home, having a baby hospital bag – even if it is a small one – is a good idea.

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